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Kiewan Webber's Birthday Bash February 10th 2019

We have just gotten settled from the “Week of Duck” and have finished preparing for our next event. As always, we appreciate all of the hospitality and the family time we get at Duck X Production events and we will continue to support every race we can.

It has been a busy few weeks for Sticky Mafia. The week before Lights Out 10 we had 2 days of testing at South Carolina Motorplex. On day one we had 14 cars join us and on day two we had 23 cars! Cars were testing not only for Lights out but for Kiewan Webber’s Grudge Birthday Bash for Tommy Krupa.

That week was all about the word weather. On Wednesday February 7thand Thursday February 8th, the day was dedicated to track grooming. Working closely with SCMP’s staff, Sticky Mafia faced fairly normal conditions for the time of year in the south, cooler temperatures in the evenings and a short period of warmth in the afternoon.

Friday dawned beautifully and in the 70’s. It was almost hot. Track prep is of course different for cold and warm weather and with the impending change in forecast that needed to be accounted for. Many who tested with us on Friday reported best passes, best 60ft times and the atmosphere was all fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the gorgeous day. Then just as we ended for the evening the wind began to pick up and the temperature began to dip.

Saturday was NOT warm; however, double the amount of people came to test. Many driving from far locations. It was cloudy and windy, but luckily, man got the data they needed to perform well at the events they were testing for, such as the No Clock Small Block winner at Lights Out 10, the McCain’s “Bowser.”

Sunday was even colder, and the wind had not calmed. Many grudge races went without a hitch and as the sun fell, the track was even more impressive. Many spectators and racers said it was the best surface they had been on. Kiewan’s event brought out many grudge stars and some incredible racing was seen. Tommy Krupa, SCMP’s track prep specialist spent his birthday working with Sticky Mafia to provide an incredible surface.

By the following Tuesday, Sticky Mafia was headed towards South Georgia Motorsports Park to watch our customers run and to enjoy a great race. As always, testing and qualifying, was impressive; but Friday brought one of the events that we most waited for, the rematch race between “Ghost” and “Jason X”. Both teams have tested with us so we did not have a favorite. Watching “Bowser” win the No Clock Small Block class was another treat, as they had many passes with us getting that car dialed in before the trip. Overall, we’ve had a great few weeks. The next stop will be South Georgia Motorsports Park on March 11th-13thfor some Pro Testing.

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