Peach State Door Slammer Nationals October 25th-27th

Mike Hill of Hitman Productions and Jimmy Bradshaw join forces at SGMP to overcome weather for incredible NT Racing!

On Saturday, with smiles on their faces, Mike Hill and Jimmy Bradshaw discuss the success of the event.

Jimmy assess the track conditions Thursday before the rain.


After an 11 hours of travel time, Sticky Mafia pulled into South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) under the threat of stormy skies. Met by the staff of SGMP, Jimmy immediately went to work assessing the needs of the track for this type of event. The Peach State Nationals combined both radial and big tire cars in order to bring fans the best of both worlds. But the prep work for such an event under the impending conditions would be tricky.

After a look at the track and the approaching storm, all parties decided to cancel testing for the evening and begin track prep when the rain had passed.

The sun sets over SGMP after the first round of qualifying Friday.


The rain continued until about 11am Friday, leaving behind a warm and humid day. As soon as the last drops fell, Jimmy and the track staff of SGMP were out on track assessing the existing rubber and beginning the work to have the track ready. This involved a considerable amount of drying. Racers were excited to be able to get on track about 4pm. The second car to make a hit on the track was a ProMod which ran a stout 3.77 and all involved knew the track conditions were there for a great evening of racing. Conditions on track continued to improve and by the end of 2 rounds of qualifying, the ProMod number one spot was 3.76.